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Future of the Program

Franklin College is in a very positive recruiting position since Indiana is one of the top five states nationally in swimming and diving. In addition, Central Indiana specifically is populated with many prospective student athletes who would benefit from the Franklin College experience. Still, Franklin’s team is already generating much interest outside of Indiana and has even drawn significant attention from swimmers outside of the U.S. Although the prestige of Franklin College is witnessed in its challenging curriculum and admissions standards, the payoff from having attended FC is socially, academically, and athletically rewarding. The strength of the NCAA swimming and diving program at Franklin is a testament to the college’s commitment to education and athletics and an opportunity for students wanting to continue to compete at one of the highest levels in the sport.

At Franklin, swimmers will certainly train to become faster in the water, but that speed will not compare to the speed at which time flies as all swimmers have a fun and fulfilling experience as members of the Franklin College Swimming Family.  A social, academic, and athletic balance is paramount to the successful experience on the Franklin College Swimming & Diving Team, and it is achieved by the poise, passion, pride, and perseverance each swimmer brings to the team.  Student-athletes will find an interactive and intimate academic environment coupled with a progressive swimming and diving program meant to challenge each person towards confidence and success.