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Team Expectations

1. Male and female swimmers represent the college in a professional and humble manner. Men serve as gentlemen at all times while the women serve with poise and are equally regarded in the community and on campus.

2. Passion serves as the ignition for the team. Team members passionately pursue excellence in everything we do.

3. Perseverance serves as the fuel for the team. Swimmers understand the importance of hard work, and it is on display in the pool and the classroom every day.

4. Swimmers and divers display pride in our school, our team, and our role as student-athletes.

5. Swimmers and divers abide by all school rules and NCAA guidelines.

6. Swimmers and divers shall strive for a balance between their social, athletic, and academic lives.

7. Practice and competition attendance is required. Learning to develop goals for both is essential. Coaches understand the demands of being a student /athlete and the importance of being successful in the classroom and the pool. Therefore, practice schedules are conducive to the life of successful students.

8. Swimmers and divers will attend all classes as required and take advantage of required team study times.

9. Swimmers and divers will support their teammates at all times. We will answer the call in times of need. We will lend assistance as study partners. We will push each other in the pool to reach our potential. We will look out for the best interest of the individual and the team.

10. We understand our experience as a Franklin College swimming family extends beyond the pool and beyond our 4 years of education. We stand by our current and future teammates as life-long supporters of the program and the opportunities created. Franklin College Swimming will forever hold a special place in our hearts.