Grizzly Airball

Grizzly Air Ball will be played Every Tuesday Night in the month of January. Games will be played in the Spurlock Center from 9:30-11:00.

What is Grizzly Air Ball? It is a fast paced 8 on 8 indoor Ultimate Frisbee style game played with a Football on teams of 10-12! We will have separate Men’s and Women’s league. Come out and play! All skill levels welcome. It is easy and Fun registration runs till Monday Jan 9th at noon.


Field of play: The sidelines are the Green out of bound lines for the basketball courts and the endzones run from the baselines to the wall. 

Playing off the walls or ceiling is not permitted.

To begin play the ball is thrown up in the center court just like a jump ball in basketball

Whichever team possesses the ball is allowed unlimited passes forward , sideways and backward to get the ball to the endzone

Players are allowed to run with the ball for no more than three steps after catching the ball

Defenders are allowed to intercept, knockdown or harass the offensive player with the ball

If the ball hits the ground at anytime, it is the other teams ball at the spot

If the defender knocks the ball down, it is the defenders ball at the spot

The team that last Possessed the ball, before the ball hits the ground, becomes the Defensive player

One point for each score, the team with the most points at the end of 15 minutes is the winner

When a score is made, by either throwing the ball to someone in the endzone, or by someone taking their three steps to get in the endzone.

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